Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Month In

Large Purple Journal
 July was a very productive month for me.  I started work in my studio on July 3rd and completed 14 journals during the month.  Having my first order and sale were highlights, but my goals for the first month were broader than that.  I wanted to develop the binding style I would be using for my journals, as well as the sizes I would be carrying.  With a bit of trial and error I'm now feeling very comfortable with the binding style of my journals.  It's a coptic style that lies flat when open and I'm confident it is sturdy.   I've also pictured today each of the sizes I'll be making.  The large journal is 7"x10" and is an excellent size as a home journal.  The two smaller sizes are better as daily companions. 
Medium Teal & Purple Journal
The medium journal is 6"x 8½" and can easily be carried is satchel or bookbag.

 Small Teal & Purple Journal
The small journal is a wonderful purse-size at 5"x7".

I will also be making some linen pouches that will hold both the small and medium size journals.  This way they will be able to travel easily without getting worn. 

In addition to making the binding and size decisions in July, I also built up enough stock so that I feel ready to take samples to stores and open an Etsy shop.  There have been a number of expenses to get this project launched, but I need to make sure that there will be some revenue coming in to keep things going.  Making sure that happens is my primary goal for August.  I've already contacted a couple of places in and around Philly and I'm looking forward to presenting my books to them in the coming weeks.  I've also done some work on my Etsy shop, so that it should be up and running within the week as well.

First on my list of items I would like to purchase for the business when revenues start coming in is a new camera.  I don't want anything too fancy, but surely I can do better than the fuzzy effects I'm getting with my current camera.

Thanks for taking the time to check in with my new endeavor and I'd love to hear any advise possible for my new business, or perhaps camera recommendations. 

Listening to in the Studio - José Gonzalez


  1. Hey Angie, sorry it's taken me almost a month to get back to you! I would definitely love to share the journey of becoming high-selling bookbinders :) Congrats on getting your Etsy shop going, and for setting up appointments with local shops! Hopefully you got some sales of out them. I look forward to reading more about it! Unfortunately, no camera recommendations here. Best of luck!

  2. This is just the kind of endeavor you probably need for your creative activities. I wish you my very best as you do this because you enjoy it so much.